Webinar: How (Real) Relevance Can Save Digital Advertising

Tim Walters, Co-founder of the Digital Clarity Group, redefines relevancy and reveals how marketers can achieve intelligent advertising

When advertisers can deliver an ad targeted to a customer’s needs at the right time and in the right way, 49 percent of Americans will give you their attention, according to a recent survey by VentureBeat.

With the growing use of ad blockers, consumers are sending a strong message to marketers that they are demanding true relevance. For marketers, this means providing “the right value to the right audience in their time.”

Yet how can this real relevance be achieved?

In this compelling webinar, Tim Walters of the Digital Clarity Group outlines how marketers must embrace the next generation of digital advertising to create powerful, relevant customer experiences through intelligent, data-driven advertising.

You'll learn:

  • Why first-generation advertising has failed consumers and how marketers can reevaluate current methods.
  • How marketers can use data intelligence to collect, understand, and act upon the customer’s inputs from every stage and interface of the journey.
  • How one major brand achieved a 70% lift in efficiency and 3-5% gain in conversions by leveraging its first-party data to create relevant digital ads.

Meet the Expert

Tim Walters, Ph D / Co-founder of Digital Clarity Group

A founding partner of Digital Clarity Group, Tim is an acclaimed writer, speaker, teacher, and strategist. His recent publications and keynotes have addressed the Customer Experience Management imperative, business challenges in 2020, optimizing customer journeys, content marketing, and native advertising.
Prior to the creation of DCG, Tim was a senior analyst at Forrester Research and the director of international marketing and strategy at FatWire Software. Earlier he was a professor at NYU and the University of Rochester.