Webinar: The Promise of First-Party Data

Featuring Stefan Tornquist, VP Research at Econsultancy

Brands with the strongest ROI on data-driven marketing are approaching customer data in a fundamentally different way. What makes these marketing organizations stand out from the pack? Learn how their differences are powering stronger capabilities to deliver seamless customer experiences in our webinar.

Our special guest, Stefan Tornquist of Econsultancy, presents the findings of the special report on how marketers are fighting – and winning – the battle for customer engagement through first-party and second-party data.

You'll learn:
  • Key research findings:

    How brands with the best-performing campaigns are using data differently than competitors.

  • Use-cases:

    Examples of how marketers using first-party data have stronger capabilities in personalization, audience segmentation, attribution, targeting and more.

  • Action steps:

    What marketing leaders are doing to solve the people and process challenges to better leverage their rich customer engagement data.

Meet the Speaker

Stefan Tornquist, VP Research, Econsultancy

Stefan is the VP of research for Econsultancy in the US, designing and managing projects for partners such as Adobe, Google and IBM. Stefan’s work has been featured in such outlets as Ad Age, National Public Radio and the Wall St. Journal.

Before joining Econsultancy, Stefan was the long time research director for MarketingSherpa. He began his digital career as a co-founder of rich media pioneer Bluestreak, now part of the Dentsu-Aegis Network.