Webinar: Identity Powers Individualized Engagements with the Modern Customer

Featuring Joe Stanhope, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester

Today’s consumers expect exactly what they want, the moment they want it — and brands must keep pace. Hindsight is 20/20; however, basing future interactions solely on a customer’s past behaviors is short-sighted. Brands must recognize their customers in real-time across all touchpoints and continuously understand their needs to exceed expectations.

Continuous identity is the solution.

This video gives you the tools and insights to:

  • Define identity and why it is essential to staying ahead of the competition.
  • Overcome the challenges to building an effective identity resolution strategy.
  • Structure and manage identity resolution across the enterprise.


Meet the Speakers:

Joe Stanhope, VP and Principal Analyst Serving B2C Marketing Professionals at Forrester

Joe’s research focuses on exploring strategies for leveraging technology — including enterprise marketing software suites, customer analytics, cross-channel campaign management, and identity management — to deliver relevant and engaging customer experiences. He is a leading expert on the intersection of marketing and technology.

Blane Sims, Chief Innovation Officer at Signal

Blane is a frequent speaker on the topics of behavioral data collection, cookie controls and best practices with regard to the intersection of online privacy and technology. He also has spent time working with early-stage companies in the enterprise search and IT systems management spaces.