Marketing Technology

Building Brand Loyalty in a Digital-First World: The Marketer’s Guide

A seamless and personal dialogue with your customers–that’s what it takes to create emotional connections that build brand loyalty in a digital-first world. Download this eBook to find out how to use the targeting precision of email to create amazing…

Marketers Can Do More with Their CRM Data

CRM software is a vault of valuable data that tracks interactions companies have with their customers, spanning from contact information to in-store experiences and customer attributes. This translates to valuable data brands can leverage in their marketing efforts. By tapping…

Identity Graphs Demystified

With the emergence of people-based marketing, an identity graph is the foundation required to recognize people across channels and devices at every step of the customer journey to deliver true 1:1 marketing at scale. But what exactly is an ID…

Buyer’s Guide to Data Onboarding

Discover how data onboarding can help you better understand and reach your customers.

Webinar: Master Cross-Channel Customer Recognition

Learn how to more effectively recognize your customers and improve your cross-device targeting, personalization and measurement. Forrester Analyst Richard Joyce and Signal VP of Solutions Todd Schoenherr will discuss what you need to know and how to start building your…

Digital Publishing: Increasing Advertiser Value Through Data and Identity

Download this new industry research report to learn how publishers are exploring the ways to add a premium to their ad rates and compete with big technology companies and alpha publishers.

Getting Ready for the 2016 Consumer: Five Key Strategies for Marketers

How can marketers deliver the friction-free journey that customers expect? In this ebook, we outline five key strategies that marketing leaders can use to achieve cross-channel success.

Open Platforms 101

Download this free guide to learn more about how open platforms can help you act on everything you know about your customers — without restrictions or dependency on any single gatekeeper.

How to Become a Cross-Channel Powerhouse

Do you have the roadmap and technology foundation to execute your cross-channel marketing plans? In this webinar, we welcome marketing expert Joanna O’Connell, Director of Research at AdExchanger, to break down the challenges and outline the blueprint to turn your current marketing…

How Signal’s Unified Customer View Solution Solves for Cross-Channel Marketing

Many vendors say they can provide the elusive 360 degree customer view solution, but what questions should you be asking and what capabilities should you be looking for in cross-channel identity and measurement?

Rue La La Builds Strategic Cross-Channel Data Capabilities with Signal

Rue La La, one of the Internet Retailer’s Hot E-Retailers of 2014, sought an efficient way of targeting dormant customers with relevant display ads. Rue La La chose the Signal platform to connect customer data in real-time across vendors and…

Marketing Data Technology: Cutting Through the Complexity

The new mandate to marketers is clear: Stay on top of technological change, or risk losing ground to nimble competitors. This new, independent research study by the Winterberry Group seeks to clarify the technology questions that plague marketers everywhere and…

The State Of Digital Marketing Technology

Marketing technology is abundant and more advanced than ever before. But marketers have yet to create the kind of one-on-one experiences customers expect as they move between devices and channels. More than 1 in 2 marketers say their tools aren’t…

Server Direct 101

Learn how Signal Direct goes beyond tag management to provide a scalable method of integration that eliminates vendor tags and connects brands and sites to their trusted vendors in real-time.