Data Collection

Creating a True Single View of Your Customer

In the race to win today’s fickle, device-centric customers with the type of immediate 1:1 experiences they’ve come to expect, brands must be able to unify all of their data into a centralized, durable profile that can be used for…

Marketers Can Do More with Their CRM Data

CRM software is a vault of valuable data that tracks interactions companies have with their customers, spanning from contact information to in-store experiences and customer attributes. This translates to valuable data brands can leverage in their marketing efforts. By tapping…

The Marketer’s Guide to First-Party Data

Most marketers know that it is less expensive – and more profitable – to retain customers than to find new ones. Repeat customers will spend 33% more with your brand than new customers. And just one-fifth of existing customers will…

Webinar: The Promise of First-Party Data

Brands with the strongest ROI on data-driven marketing are approaching customer data in a fundamentally different way. What makes these marketing organizations stand out from the pack? Learn how their differences are powering stronger capabilities to deliver seamless customer experiences…

The Promise of First-Party Data: Econsultancy & Signal Special Report

Marketers have long relied on third-party data for their data-driven marketing efforts. Learn how brands that are leveraging first-party data achieve the strongest ROI on their data-driven marketing efforts.

Tag Management 101

Tag management solutions allow companies to incorporate dozens or hundreds of tags while avoiding common issues such as implementation agility, control over data and performance.

History of Tags & Tag Management

Third-party tags for online marketing solutions started out simply enough, but have grown from a few pixels to full-on data chaos. Here’s a brief look at how it happened and where we go from here.