The Promise of First-Party Data: Econsultancy & Signal Special Report

Download this research report to learn how the data brands already own can impact their marketing.

Marketers have long relied on third-party data for their data-driven marketing efforts. Learn how brands that are leveraging first-party data achieve the strongest ROI on their data-driven marketing efforts.

econsultancy first party data research report

You'll learn:

  • How brands with the best-performing campaigns are using data differently than competitors.
  • How brands using first-party data have better capabilities in personalization, audience segmentation, attribution, targeting and more.
  • How marketing leaders are addressing people and process challenges to take full advantage of their customer engagement data.
Key Findings:
  • First-party data is a marketer’s first choice for customer insight:

    The most successful data-driven marketers are using first-party data at a significantly higher rate than other marketers.

  • Two thirds of marketers identify first-party data as the best choice for data-driven success:

    This is determined by highest lift, best customer insight, increased CLV and financial return.

  • First-party data is where the battle for customer engagement will be fought:

    82% agree or strongly agree that they will increase their use of first-party data. 60% agree or strongly agree that they will increase their use of second-party data.