Real-Time Marketing 101: The Marketer’s Guide to the Right Message at the Right Time

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Real-time is important to brands. But what exactly is real-time marketing?

More than 65 percent of marketers recently surveyed by Signal said that they either want to explore real-time marketing opportunities, or they already have some real-time initiatives underway.

To help senior marketers better understand real-time marketing, we’ve created the following overview to answer all the essential questions from data decay to real-time analytics. Join us for an in-depth look at what marketers need to understand to get started with real-time marketing.

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You'll Learn:

  • Differences between real-time marketing, social media marketing, and real-time bidding
  • The ROI of real-time marketing and the technologies required to make it happen
  • The four actions you should take to prevent data decay
  • How to get started in real-time marketing