Instant Size and Reach: Move Beyond a Match Test

Experience Data Onboarding and Activation with Signal Now

These aren’t just words here at Signal; they are our North Star. They are what set us apart from the competition.

And now we invite you to put our platform, our solutions and our service to the test.

With Signal, you are in the driver seat with your customer data. During the course of our 30-day onboarding and activation test, you will experience the speed, accuracy and control that only Signal offers when onboarding and activating this valuable asset.

What will you get from the test?

  • See how many of your customers match to the Signal Identity Network
  • Get the number of your customers who are reachable through your DSP
  • Exactly how many of those device IDs your DSP can actually buy — your addressability rate
  • The number of device IDs associated with each of your matched customers, which Signal can deliver directly to your DSP
  • Visibility into our UI to see the metrics outlined above grow over time and how Signal contributes to your brand’s addressability

Are you ready to take the test? Sign up to see if you qualify by completing the form on this page.