What’s Your Data Collection Strategy?

Free Download If you could collect every piece of data on customer interactions, would you? If you answered “Yes,” we need to talk. Because when it comes to customer data, more doesn’t always mean better. In fact, you could be…

Think Outside the Inbox and Beyond Rewards

Consumers want more than transactional rewards; they want rewarding experiences. Marketers need to expand their strategies beyond traditional programs and focus on creating seamless, personal interactions at critical moments throughout the entire customer relationship.

8 Ways to Accelerate Your Digital Marketing in 2017

What are the new requirements for creating memorable, end-to-end experiences that foster loyalty, enhance consumer lives and bring customers back again and again? Read on to find out Signal’s top tips for this year.

Identity Graphs Demystified

With the emergence of people-based marketing, an identity graph is the foundation required to recognize people across channels and devices at every step of the customer journey to deliver true 1:1 marketing at scale. But what exactly is an ID…

Buyer’s Guide to Data Onboarding

Discover how data onboarding can help you better understand and reach your customers.

Server Direct 101

Learn how Signal Direct goes beyond tag management to provide a scalable method of integration that eliminates vendor tags and connects brands and sites to their trusted vendors in real-time.

Tag Management 101

Tag management solutions allow companies to incorporate dozens or hundreds of tags while avoiding common issues such as implementation agility, control over data and performance.

History of Tags & Tag Management

Third-party tags for online marketing solutions started out simply enough, but have grown from a few pixels to full-on data chaos. Here’s a brief look at how it happened and where we go from here.