[Gartner Report] Be Trustworthy in Every Customer Digital Interaction

Trust becomes critical as more customers interact with brands through digital channels. In fact, by 2020, companies that are digitally trustworthy will generate 20% more online profit than those that are not. This report from Gartner explains how to instill trustworthiness in all interactions with your customers. To earn consumer trust, brands need to demonstrate that they know their customer — which starts by building a foundation for customer identity.

Key recommendations in this report:

  • Understand and meet customer’s expectations to influence business outcomes.
  • Increase customer trust in your organization by adopting the eight characteristics of trustworthy organizations.
  • Incorporate the attributes of trust into digitally delivered customer experiences.

Be Trustworthy in Every Customer Digital Interaction to Drive Business Results
Sept. 27, 2018; by Penny Gillespie, Dale Kutnick, Frank Buytendijk, Bard Papegaaij, Anthony Mullen, Nadine LeBlanc