Forrester Now Tech: Identity Resolution

Forrester’s Overview of Identity Resolution Providers, Q3 2018

Identity resolution is the driving force behind modern marketing innovation. But before brands can begin identifying their customers across devices and channels, they must first identify the right identity vendor — a mounting challenge given the growing number of identity solution providers battling for marketers’ attention and their significant competitive differences.

Forrester’s latest Now Tech report is a comprehensive overview of the identity vendor landscape, offering marketing professionals the clarity and insight they need to select the provider that best matches their customer engagement priorities and expectations.

Takeaways from the report include why:

  • Marketers should define their use cases within an identity resolution roadmap to determine the right solution category and vendor.
  • Brands should select an identity vendor that supplies foundational building blocks optimized for a range of existing categories and use cases, as well as the flexibility and interoperability necessary to support future ambitions and applications.
  • Onboarding helps brands extend customer engagement beyond the basic targeting and remarketing use cases to link audiences with purchases, expand their addressable audience with lookalike modeling, and engage consumers with real-time content personalization.

“The growth of touchpoints and devices, siloed data and a patchwork of marketing technologies leaves marketers with a fragmented view of the customer. Marketers need to combat this harsh reality by becoming adept at leveraging the data, technology and processes that comprise identity resolution to address their business objectives.”