Forrester Q&A: Everything Marketers Need To Know About Match Rates

June 2018

The opportunities that lie within a brand’s first-party customer data set are endless. Now, customer-obsessed marketers must maximize match rates to keep this data relevant and personalize their customer experiences. Onboarders enable marketers to bring their offline data online, but the accuracy, freshness and persistence of the data varies greatly by technology partner.   

This Forrester Report provides insights into all things match rate: how they’re calculated, what marketers can do to improve them and how they influence media buying strategies.

Our key takeaways from the report include why:

  • A high match rate doesn’t mean quality matches The definition of a match rate can vary by onboarder; a quality match occurs when the data is brought online and made addressable in the digital world.  
  • Determine your tolerance for accuracy versus scale – There might be tradeoffs when selecting the proper onboarder to maximize and optimize your match rates effectively for your business strategies.
  • Align onboarding and activation in a single platform – Match rates can erode with subsequent vendor syncs, reduce data-degradation by limiting the number of vendors needed to activate your customer data.

Match Rates are a calculation of the comparison of two data sets and how well they match… Finally, the only matches that matter are quality matches — the ones that can be reached and served.”