Digital Publishing: Increasing Advertiser Value Through Data and Identity

Download this report to learn how publishers are exploring the ways to add a premium to their ad rates and compete with big technology companies and walled gardens.

Today’s publishers face a stark choice: they can suffer continued commoditization of their inventories, or they can pursue disruptive, new approaches for creating high-value, customizable audience solutions. But how can they turn the tide?

Econsultancy interviewed over a 120 North American client-side marketers, managers and executives at leading digital publishers to find out how they are exploring new capabilities to achieve sustained growth.

You'll Learn:

The challenging state of the display economy: What new technologies and capabilities are important to independent publishers to add a CPM premium? Value vs. Volume: How can independent publishers optimize their digital marketing strategies to best compete with walled gardens? Lessons from fast-growing publishers: What technologies and capabilities are High-Growth Publishers (HGPs) pursuing that make them stand out from their peers?

Key Findings:
  • Advertiser and intent-data targeting are the most sought-after capabilities for publishers:

    96% say it would be valuable to offer an advertiser the ability to identify customers and real-time signals to target with live-intent data – that is, to deliver media that is relevant to what a visitor is interested in at that moment.

  • Slow technology stunts publishers’ abilities to deliver cross-device identity resolution and live-intent targeting:

    46% of respondents say they aren’t confident in their ID technology, and less than half say they can resolve identity across devices and platforms, including mobile.