An Introduction to Cross-Device Customer Journey Mapping

We see a product advertised on TV, we find that product online, and then we purchase the product without doing any further research. If this sounds too easy, that’s because in the vast majority of cases, it is. Case in point? Only 2% of customers buy on their first visit to a website.

Shoppers have moved beyond the behavior predicted by the traditional marketing funnel, and the customer’s path to purchase has become more of a winding road, with many more points of entry and exit.

Despite (or perhaps because of) a proliferation of marketing channels, from broadcast ads to pay-per-click, direct mail to programmatic advertising, it’s harder than ever for companies to understand just what makes a customer click “buy.”

So if the customer falls off their path to purchase, how can businesses develop a customer journey map that helps them find their way back? The answer lies in leveraging your proprietary first-party data to account for the “the three C’s”: create, capture, and calibrate.
How To Keep Customers On Track In The Cross-Device Journey To Purchase