Unwrapping the 2016 UK Shopper

The holiday shopping frenzy is just around corner. And in the UK, most of it is going to take place on shoppers’ desktops.

In a recent Signal survey of 2,000 UK consumers, more than two-thirds of respondents cite the desktop as their favorite place to browse for gifts, and more than half claim most of their gift purchases are completed on a desktop.

However, mobile shopping is fast on the rise in the UK. Nearly 20% of shoppers plan to browse on their mobile phone more frequently this year than last, and 12% say they plan to purchase from their phone more often this season. The mobile revolution is led by Millennials, who are 4 times more likely to shop for gifts on their mobile phones than older consumers.

Consumers also still love shopping in stores, which ranked second in the survey as the best way to shop: 25% prefer to browse for gifts in stores and 34% prefer buying in stores.

Another behavior marketers should note this year is the UK shopper’s penchant for Amazon: 90% will consult Amazon on their gift purchases and 80% will buy there. Of course, this doesn’t mean retailers need to become Amazon to succeed. Consumers want convenience, security and ease, and retailers can use these learnings to strategize around all the buying considerations that can lead to dramatically different customer journeys.

To learn more about the 2016 UK holiday shopper and uncover strategies to stay ahead of the curve this year, check out Signal’s latest infographic below. Then download our special report “The Amazon Threat & The Facebook Trap” to learn how to win customer attention and loyalty this holiday season.


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