The Buyer’s Guide to Data Onboarding

While customer data onboarding has been around for years, this oft-overlooked technical process that connects offline and online data is once again thrust in the spotlight. As marketers increase their investment in identity-based strategies, this critical first step impacts both the level of identity resolution that brands can achieve and their ability to activate addressable …

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Webinar: Data Onboarding Is the Cornerstone of Identity Resolution

Data onboarding and activation extend customer engagement beyond basic targeting and remarketing use cases, enabling real-time content personalization that boosts both loyalty and revenue. But onboarding approaches vary greatly from one identity vendor to another — and those disparities can make the difference between delivering the right message at the right place at the right …

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Forrester Now Tech: Identity Resolution

Identity resolution is the driving force behind modern marketing innovation. But before brands can begin identifying their customers across devices and channels, they must first identify the right identity vendor — a mounting challenge given the growing number of identity solution providers battling for marketers’ attention and their significant competitive differences. Forrester’s latest Now Tech …

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The Quest for the Perfect Identity-Driven Marketer

Consumers today have very high expectations. Sixty percent expect brands to deliver tailored customer experiences; seven out of 10 consumers say they prefer content and ads that are customized to their personal interests and shopping habits, and 43 percent report that their desire for personalization has grown in the last year alone. Succeeding in this …

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