Media Coverage

How Big Data is Sharpening Marketers’ Prospect Hunt this Easter

Signal SVP of Marketing Kathy Menis mentions three steps marketers can follow to reach their customers at critical moments.

SMBs, Learn from these Easter Marketing Campaigns to Better Sales

Signal's Kathy Menis describes how brands can reach and engage with their customers during the Easter holiday.

Nova calls for aspiring podcasters

AdNews mentions Signal in an article about Nova Entertainment, and how our solution is helping them ramp up their data play.

6 reasons why building your own customer data asset is a recipe for marketing success

Don't let an overabundance of tech solutions and partners spoil the broth. Signal CEO Mike Sands cooks up six questions to ask yourself to ensure you're in control of your customer data.

Sky Betting & Gaming Signals Intent with Instant Customer Targeting

Sky Betting & Gaming has hailed the impact of Signal’s Customer Identity Solution in helping the company to reach existing customers “at the moment of intent.”

Signal Introduces Enterprise Wide Customer ID Solution

Signal Managing Director Nick McCarthy discusses how with a new customer identity solution, Signal is promising marketers the freedom to instantly and continuously recognize customers for improved relevance.

Signal Unveils First Enterprise-wide Customer Identity Solution

Sports Betting Community features Signal's announcement of the Customer Identity Solution and how it is helping Sky Betting & Gaming power addressable media.

Signal Announces First Enterprise-Wide Customer Identity Solution

MarTech Series features Signal CEO Mike Sands explaining how brands ned a new approach to identity to retain customers and drive loyalty.

Signal Announces First Enterprise-Wide Customer Identity Solution

Signal Managing Director Warren Billington discusses the first Customer Identity Solution which offers critical capabilities uniquely available to deliver an enterprise-wide identity asset.

Signal Launches Customer Identity Solution

Signal CEO Mike Sands discusses how Customer Identity Solution is helping companies like Sky Betting & Gaming and Quotient reach their customers.