Signal Summit London: Resolving the Consumer Identity Challenge

May 27, 2015

Signal is hosting an invitation-only event for senior marketers to come together and discuss new innovations to resolve the challenge of achieving customer identity and engagement in the the blurred digital and physical world at scale.

The ability to reliably identify customers and act upon their past and present behaviours can be transformational for businesses. To do so without giving up control to increasingly walled garden providers, involves brands coming together to find solutions through collaboration.

Today we have an incredible opportunity for marketers to identify, accurately target and convert their customers in a way that provides a competitive advantage, drives equitable brand and customer relationships, and provides true solution ownership and security.

Interested in learning more and operating at a higher level of marketing intelligence, control and ownership? Join Signal and Callcredit, along with a collection of leading global and local brands to discuss the business impacts and practical steps to achieving those.

EJ Guren

EJ Guren formerly ran global events marketing for Signal. Before she came to Signal, EJ spent 7 years in hospitality operations and investor relations at Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

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