IAB Annual Leadership Meeting

December 17, 2015

Join Signal’s executive team in Palm Desert for the annual IAB Leadership Meeting! This year’s theme explores the path to the “Next $50 Billion” – who wins and why, what obstacles need to be overcome and how the marriage of technology, creativity and consumer insights will help pave the way to the next $50 Billion.

Read our new special report, “How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2016,”  for a preview of Signal’s thought leaders POV on the key shifts that will impact the industry in the coming year, from people-based marketing, to ad blocking, to first-party data and identity networks, to walled gardens, and beyond.  It also recommends a series of “action steps” that marketers can take to use these trends to their advantage.

Want to connect in Palm Desert? Give us a shout. 

EJ Guren

EJ Guren formerly ran global events marketing for Signal. Before she came to Signal, EJ spent 7 years in hospitality operations and investor relations at Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

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