AdExchanger’s Industry Preview

December 16, 2015


We are looking forward to AdExchanger’s Industry Preview in NYC! Our executives will be attending the two-day conference focused on What to Expect in the Next 12 Months of Digital Marketing Technology.

Read our new special report, “How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2016.”  The report offers a preview of the key shifts that will impact the industry in the coming year, from people-based marketing, to ad blocking, to first-party data and identity networks, to walled gardens, and beyond.  It also recommends a series of “action steps” that marketers can take to use these trends to their advantage.

Want to connect in NYC? Give us a shout. 

EJ Guren

EJ Guren formerly ran global events marketing for Signal. Before she came to Signal, EJ spent 7 years in hospitality operations and investor relations at Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

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