Why onboard with Signal?

If you miss customer signals — when they are ready to buy or have already purchased — then your ads are missing the point.

It’s time to win at critical moments.

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Onboard and activate millions in minutes.

Signal’s continuous onboarding allows brands to take advantage of live-intent signals and relevantly interact with customers across every stage of their buyers’ journeys.

Addressability matters, not match rates.

No inflated match rates, just the facts on who you can address and on what channels. Via Signal’s proprietary, continuous recognition technology, IDs within our network are deterministically linked and constantly synced. We ensure our vendor connections are based on the freshest data connections and ready for activation.

Scale with the Signal Identity Network.

Know who you can reach instantly and at scale with the Signal Identity Network. Customer-obsessed marketers can identify and extend their addressable reach with our deterministic Identity Network – an independent collection of anonymized IDs integrated with our continuous matching technology.

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