Stop Relying on Logins

Customer identity lies at the heart of any good customer experience. You need to know who consumers are and where they’ve been in their journeys in order to tailor personalized engagements. But that’s a challenge when visitors aren’t logged in to your brand site. Signal’s identity platform is able to recognize unauthenticated visitors across channels and map unauthenticated device IDs to a persistent brand identifier, such as a CRM ID, in a brand’s identity graph.

Signal’s continuous and real-time onboarding and identity resolution solutions ensure a brand’s identity graph is refreshed in real time as new data enters or leaves the system. Empowered with the most up-to-date single view of a customer, brands can monetize site visitors, power 1:1 site personalization and develop more accurate ad targeting.

With Signal’s Onsite Identity Resolution, Brands Can:

  1. Monetize people-based audiences

    Tie site traffic to person-based identifiers to build more valuable, high-quality audiences.

  2. Enhance customer experiences

    Combine online and offline behavioral data to improve user authentication, detect fraud and spur product and content recommendations.

  3. Advance email personalization

    Connect onsite behavior to known customers to trigger personalized emails.

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