Connect With the People Behind the Devices

The speed at which you onboard and activate customer data makes the difference between delivering experiences customers want — or outdated and irrelevant messages they want to ignore. Signal’s continuous onboarding and real-time media activation allows you to target the right people at the right time, reducing ad waste while dramatically increasing the relevance of your advertising.

Our Onboarding Solutions

Target Your Known Customers Today

Customers do a lot in a week, even a few minutes, and not all activity happens online. Signal is the only solution in the marketplace that can upload your pre-defined audiences for digital media activation in just one minute — ensuring you can reach customers when it matters, not days late.

Grow Your Customer Connections

You already have good customers. Connect with them in more places. Signal’s Customer Identity Platform continuously updates your brand’s identity graph as new data enters or leaves the system, enabling dynamic audience building and timely media activation.

Power Real-Time Customer Engagements

Signal’s real-time onboarding and activation means you can engage the right customers at the right moments while suppressing duplicate and outdated audiences — optimizing engagement and your ad spend. Sometimes, less is more.


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