Power experiences that matter.

Recognizing your customer is one of the most critical components of any successful business strategy. Your future growth hinges on the ability to deliver experiences that map to each individual’s expectations.

Signal helps brands digitally identify their customers so they can move with those customers — and create journeys just as dynamic.

What is Identity?

Identity is likes, dislikes, friends, favorites and behaviors. It’s who individuals are online and offline. It’s what allows you to make connections and gain actionable insights about your customers — their inspirations, personal styles and preferences. In short, identity brings people to life, and amplifies the feeling that they’re being heard and understood.

Build a First-Party Identity Graph

Creating an identity graph is perhaps the most critical component of delivering individualized customer experiences. Signal is the only comprehensive solution that brings your brand’s data all together: use unique identifiers to connect disjointed profiles — from online and offline sources — to create a holistic view of each and every customer. Your identity graph evolves in real time and moves at the speed of commerce.

No More Wasted Ad Spend

With Signal, powering efficient and effective campaigns that drive conversions is as simple as customizing your segments, mapping your data and connecting the endpoints. Improve the relevance of your customers’ experiences by using your customer data to power addressable media campaigns.

Signal’s Solutions

Onboard to Activate

Signal helps you power addressable media campaigns, building dynamic customer profiles from your existing data. Target your desired customers and use your preferred media partners to personalize messages, dramatically improving the relevance of your advertising.


Learn more about our Onboarding and Media Activation solution.


Signal’s identity platform is able to tie back unauthenticated user activity to a known customer in your brand’s identity graph, enriching your customer knowledge and opening up new opportunities for brand engagements and data monetization.


Learn more about our Onsite Identity Resolution solutions.

Customers benefit when you’re able to identify them.

Relationships shouldn’t be transactional or one-dimensional. Brands must know who the customer is, and how to address each of them directly, in the right place at the right time. With full flexibility and control of your data, you can develop an evolving view of any engagement, focusing on what matters — building friction-free customer experiences.

  1. Life is 24/7

    Identity is always-on because people are always-on. Recognize your customer at all touchpoints to provide the experiences they expect.

  2. Change is good

    Identity evolves, yet remains durable when built on a foundation of persistent identifiers that keep your data asset growing.

  3. Anywhere and everywhere

    Your identity asset is portable, which means you select the inputs, outputs and metrics that tell the best stories.

  4. Trust is earned

    You own 100% of your solution. When customers share information with you, you can guarantee total control of your data — and their security.

Your data speaks volumes.

Are you listening?