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Signal helps brands move with their customers — and create journeys just as dynamic.

Our Solutions

Identity for Media

Customer loyalty hinges on your brand’s ability to deliver meaningful and timely customer experiences. Signal’s collaborative team helps you harness your assets to power addressable media campaigns, building dynamic customer profiles from your existing data. Target your desired customers and use your preferred media partners to personalize messages, dramatically improving the relevance of your advertising and keeping you ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly evolving media environment.

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Identity for Insights

Retain complete control and visibility into your customer data, and ensure every aspect of your business stays focused on the customer experience. Signal’s analytics solution connects siloed and disjointed data to give you a holistic view of your customer relationships, which helps you make insights-driven decisions and gain consistent measurements for better optimization. With seamless integration, you can also tap into partner networks and conduct multi-touchpoint data collection for improved attribution and customer retention.

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Connect the dots

Creating an identity graph is perhaps the most critical component of delivering individualized customer experiences. Signal is the only comprehensive solution that brings your brand’s data all together: use unique identifiers to connect disjointed profiles — from online and offline sources — to create a holistic view of each and every customer. Your identity graph evolves in real time and moves at the speed of commerce.

No more wasted ad spend

With Signal, powering efficient and effective campaigns that drive conversions is as simple as customizing your segments, mapping your data and connecting the endpoints. Improve the relevance of your customers’ experiences by using your customer data to power addressable media campaigns.

Focus on what matters

You maintain ownership of all aspects of your strategic data asset, which allows you to see the links between customer data and IDs matched across channels. When data is returned to an internal CRM and analytics system, Signal helps enable closed-loop attribution, cross-channel strategies and smarter decision making.

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