Partnerships & Integrations

From partnering with the leaders in activation and data enrichment to delivering real-time integrations with the top performing data platforms, Signal’s Signature Partnerships and Integrations help marketers derive repeatable and scalable value from their data as it aligns to their business needs — all from within the Signal Identity Platform.

Signature Partners


By gathering data from an expansive pool of customer behaviors and attributes, Adobe Audience Manager and Signal help brands gain the most comprehensive view of each known customer profile, target them with increased accuracy and speed, and continuously scale their audiences.


Powered by always-on identity resolution and predictive analytics, Signal and Selligent enable marketers to reach a greater number of  known customers when they are engaged, adjust messaging throughout the customer journey and measure returns on each campaign in real time.


By combining artificial intelligence-powered call data with digital behaviors, attributes and identifiers, DialogTech and Signal power brands to extend call insights to inform marketing strategy, personalize digital advertising, and optimize the customer journey across touchpoints, both online and off.


AdTaxi’s creative marketing experiences combined with Signal’s intelligent identity resolution capabilities give brands the power to reach actual known customers, conduct advanced 1:1 measurement and attribute back to every digital campaign — even if a sale or action happened offline.


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