Recognize all of your customers, at all touchpoints.

When nothing stands between you and your customers, everything is possible.

Customer Data Foundation

Unify your data around a persistent identifier to gain a holistic view of your customers and a base for insights and analytics.

Continuous Identification

Move freely with your customers and recognize them across all touchpoints to create relevant individualized experiences.

Always-Active Profiles

Supercharge customer interactions by building smart, complete and persistent profiles that evolve as quickly as customer preferences.

Marketing Connections

Communicate with customers and get the closed-loop attribution you need across paid and owned channels — no more guessing games.

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Privacy by Design

From the start, Signal has followed the core principles of Privacy by Design in building our platform and business relationships. Privacy by Design is a commitment to think about privacy first and to always look for ways to enhance the privacy features of our platform.

In a rapidly changing global environment, privacy protection is one of the first questions marketers face in thinking about how data is collected and used. Signal works closely with our clients and partners not only to ensure compliance with GDPR and other regulations, but also to build meaningful privacy choices for consumers based on transparency and trust.

We adhere to the following core principles in both our platform design and business practices:

Signal Privacy by Design


For more information on our commitment to helping our clients comply with the EU General Protection Regulation,
download our GDPR overview or visit our GDPR Resource Guide.

Read our complete policies:

Signal Platform Policy How we handle client data within our technology platform.

Signal Website Policy How we handle data and cookies on this website,

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