Get Out The Vote: Signal’s Top 5 SXSW Panels

While South by Southwest (SXSW) 2016 is more than 6 months away, now is the time for marketers, advertisers, and followers of technology, innovation, and culture to vote for the panels and speaking sessions they want to see at next year’s event.

Since there are 4000+ sessions up for vote for the 2016 SXSW Interactive Conference, we’d love your vote for the two panels Signal submitted—as well as three more that got our attention.

The panel picker closes on September 4, so vote soon!

Signal’s proposed panels:

How the Sharing Economy Will Reshape the Internet

Why we like it: What does the Internet of the future look like? Signal will share the company’s vision to answer this question, and why perhaps we should look to companies like Uber and Airbnb for inspiration.

What it’s about: “The sharing economy has transformed outdated industries that were ripe for disruption. Now, the Internet as we know it is rapidly approaching its own point of disruption. The consumer data that advertisers and publishers both rely on to monetize the Internet’s free services will soon be treated less like a secret formula, and more like a valuable commodity that can be shared for mutual benefit.”

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From Personalized to Predictive Advertising

Why we like it: This panel will discuss how brands with the best-performing cross-channel campaigns are using data differently than their competitors. Bonus: Lauren Johnson, a writer at AdWeek, will give an interesting perspective alongside Signal and Criteo’s viewpoints gained from working directly with brand marketers and advertisers.

What it’s about: “Consumers provide retailers with so many signals; the more they ‘like,’ search, use location services and share information across devices, the larger the reserve of behavioral data becomes. By centralizing consumers’ fragmented data into single identities, companies can go beyond personalized and into predictive marketing experiences.”

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And three more we love:

Why Dior Needs Elon Musk

Why we like it: This panel, presented by Deputy Editor Chelsea Emery from BBC, will discuss how technology is changing fashion and retail, and answer questions about what’s in store for these major global industries in the future.

What caught our eye: “The notoriously ‘artistic’ approach to running fashion and other artsy companies must change. Apple hired Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to inject a bit of panache into an already smooth-design tech giant. Fashion houses would be smart to beef up their executive ranks with a tech powerhouse.”

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The Intersection of Marketing & Technology

Why we like it: How can CMOs and CIOs best work together to execute a company’s marketing efforts? How do creativity and measurement fit into the picture? These questions will be answered in a session about how marketing and technology are colliding in business as companies respond to today’s hyperconnected world.

What caught our eye: “CMOs must work closely with CIOs to plot out a whole new set of marketing strategies that adapt and demonstrate results. A great marketing campaign is nothing if it’s not properly executed across all digital channels, and CEOs want numbers to back up their marketing dollars.”

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Trending is Trending: Driving Engagement with Data

Why we like it: This session presented by eBay will discuss how brands can leverage retail data science to create rich, relevant, interesting, and totally shoppable experiences both online and offline.

What caught our eye: “The new Alfa Romeo convertible that Americans can’t wait to get their hands on. Vintage baseball cards for a new Hall of Fame inductee. The data that sits just under the hood at eBay has always provided a fascinating barometer of trends at the intersection of culture and commerce.”

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Originally published August 27, 2015

Kari Brownsberger

Senior Director, Integrated Communications

Kari Brownsberger is the former Senior Director, Integrated Communications at Signal. Prior to Signal, Kari worked in the PR agency world, specializing in marketing technology. She is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago and originally from Ohio.

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