Take Ownership of Your Identity Graph

No more renting — it’s time to own your brand’s identity graph, so you can provide your customers the individualized experiences they expect. A holistic view of your customers reduces costs, improves time to action and lets you take control of your data.

Onboarding for the Always-On Consumer

Onboarding takes minutes and creates persistent profiles that expand and enrich with every customer engagement — offline and online. Helping brands build dynamic, multi-dimensional profiles that facilitate ongoing, constantly evolving and identity-driven relationship with their engaged, always-on customers.

Continuously Unify and Resolve Your Customer Data

Develop individualized insights by uniting your online and offline customer data. With a holistic view of your customers, built on a persistent identifier that evolves with your customers’ preferences, brands can accurately assign attribution and keep pace with their customers.

Continuously Connect with Your Customers

Retain customers and drive loyalty by supercharging your first-party data to deliver relevant and timely customer experiences. You remain in control of your customer profiles and have the freedom to choose how and where to engage with your customers.

Pioneer a Superior People-Based Targeting Option

Solving real-time people-based marketing requires a disruptive marketing technology and a new cooperative identification model. To future proof your data, you need a technology partner committed to helping you accelerate your journey from unknown to known audience targeting. Signal is the only solutions provider that delivers known audiences at scale with one technology that combines data collection, persistent …