Identity Platform RFP Template

To ensure you get the right answers to inform your identity investment, you need to ask the right questions—a daunting task when you’re staring at a blank spreadsheet. We can help. Download our Identity Platform RFP template to help you start filling in all of those rows, columns and tabs with more than 50 questions …

The Future of Retail

Retail remains in a period of radical transformation, and casualties are mounting. All trends point to identity resolution emerging as the decisive factor separating the retailers taking the lead in customer engagement from those left in the dust. Read our ebook to learn more about the identity-driven trends that are revolutionizing retail.

WTF is Identity?

Every day the web is becoming more personal. Consumers expect the brands they interact with to know them in the same way that their Netflix account and their Spotify playlist does. If brands are going to meet these heightened expectations, they’ll need to have more than probabilistic profiles or carefully honed audience segments in their …

4 Fatal Flaws in Traditional Approaches to Customer Identity Resolution

When a brand wants to target its existing customers with digital ads, its customer email list must first be matched to ad-targeting IDs (cookies, devices IDs) through a process known as identity resolution. But marketers beware: some approaches are irrevocably flawed. This guide explains 4 flaws to avoid and exactly how they impact marketing effectiveness.

Creating a True Single View of Your Customer

In the race to win today’s fickle, device-centric customers with the type of immediate 1:1 experiences they’ve come to expect, brands must be able to unify all of their data into a centralized, durable profile that can be used for targeting and personalization across all touchpoints.

Mastering Today’s Cross-Device Customer

Your customer’s path to purchase is a winding road across multiple devices.  If you can’t follow her path, how can you reach  her when and where it counts? In today’s multi-screen world, 80% of consumers bounce between devices and 40% of online transactions involve multiple devices along the way. Brands that lack a cross-device strategy …