4 Tactics to Evolve Your Marketing from Segmentation to Personalization

What’s the value of a shopping cart? As a marketer, you may respond that there’s no clear way to measure the ROI. But imagine you’re grocery shopping and the store doesn’t have one. You’ll likely walk out the door — and that’s the most valuable piece of information any brand needs. With consumers having immediate …

What’s Your Data Collection Strategy?

If you could collect every piece of data on customer interactions, would you? If you answered “Yes,” we need to talk. Because when it comes to customer data, more doesn’t always mean better. In fact, you could be making an expensive mistake by collecting a trove of information without a sound strategy in place. Use …

How Travelers Plan & Book Trips in a Multi-Device World

Today’s travelers typically make their travel decisions over multiple sessions and multiple screens. This increases the pressure on travel vendors to recognize individual travelers across devices so as to create seamless, one-to-one, personalized experiences that will drive conversion and loyalty. As this survey of US travelers shows, building a unified commerce platform, with the ability …

Think Outside the Inbox and Beyond Rewards

Consumers want more than transactional rewards; they want rewarding experiences. Marketers need to expand their strategies beyond traditional programs and focus on creating seamless, personal interactions at critical moments throughout the entire customer relationship. Learn more in our guide, Building Brand Loyalty in a Digital First World.

How to Create a True Single Customer View

In the race to win today’s fickle, device-centric customers with the type of immediate 1:1 experiences they’ve come to expect, brands must be able to unify all of their data into a single customer view: a centralized, durable customer profile that can be used for targeting and personalization across all touchpoints.

How Emojis Help Marketers Engage With Consumers

Emojis have become a part of everyday human language. In fact, the 2015 Emoji Report by Emogi Research found 92% of the online population uses emojis, and 70% of Internet users said emojis helped them to express their feelings more effectively. In 2015, the Oxford dictionary even chose an emoji as the word of the …

Continuously Connect with Your Customers

Retain customers and drive loyalty by supercharging your first-party data to deliver relevant and timely customer experiences. You remain in control of your customer profiles and have the freedom to choose how and where to engage with your customers.