Take Ownership of Your Identity Graph

No more renting — it’s time to own your brand’s identity graph, so you can provide your customers the individualized experiences they expect. A holistic view of your customers reduces costs, improves time to action and lets you take control of your data.

Continuously Unify and Resolve Your Customer Data

Develop individualized insights by uniting your online and offline customer data. With a holistic view of your customers, built on a persistent identifier that evolves with your customers’ preferences, brands can accurately assign attribution and keep pace with their customers.

What’s Your Data Collection Strategy?

If you could collect every piece of data on customer interactions, would you? If you answered “Yes,” we need to talk. Because when it comes to customer data, more doesn’t always mean better. In fact, you could be making an expensive mistake by collecting a trove of information without a sound strategy in place. Use …

CMO Survey: Why Customer Identity Matters for Great Customer Experiences

A 2017 survey of CMOs reveals striking dichotomies in marketing priorities, budget allocation, technology capabilities and satisfaction with results from customer-centric marketing. Marketers are not satisfied with their brand’s performance on metrics like customer retention rate and lifetime value — but continue to spend the bulk of their budgets on new customer acquisition. Marketers recognize …

Continuously Connect with Your Customers

Retain customers and drive loyalty by supercharging your first-party data to deliver relevant and timely customer experiences. You remain in control of your customer profiles and have the freedom to choose how and where to engage with your customers.

Digital Marketing in 2016: What Marketers Need to Know

In the New Year, as marketers fine tune their marketing strategies around known customers and their actual behaviors, more awareness of the challenges associated with these people-based marketing strategies will surface. Marketers now understand that the tactics and platforms of years past cannot all identify and keep up with today’s on-the-go consumer or deliver on …

How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2016

In an industry where the only constant is change, our digital experts and thought leaders have weighed in with their predictions and insights on the shifts that will really matter in the New Year.