Signalite Social Spotlight: Nicole Williams

Identity connects us, so Signal uses its ongoing Signalite Social Spotlight to feature our incredible employees for who they really are. The more you learn about them, the more you’ll begin to recognize what makes our favorite individuals unique. Can you identify?

Nicole Williams, a.k.a. Nik. HR Generalist. Prince fan. Previously worked as an intern coordinator for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers. Sings to remember things. Eagle-eyed viewers may spot her in a vintage music video (“I’m not giving you the name of the video!”).

Hometown: Los Angeles. Age: “GIRL, a lady never tells!” Leap Year baby/Pisces. “I’m an interesting soul. I’m moody but outgoing… I’m an introvert, but also an extrovert.”

Hobbies: Watching sports (favorite team: “I’m an L.A. Clippers fan, DUH”), learning how to salsa dance, all things fabulous (“I’m starting a hair and accessories business”).

Dislikes: Ignorance, liars (“You should give people the opportunity to hear the truth and decide how to handle it”), chocolate cake (“I think chocolate cake is the devil… it’s too good”) and taking the dishes out of the dishwasher (“I will keep running it and running it to avoid unloading it”).

Would you rather spend the night in a luxury hotel room, or go camping surrounded by beautiful scenery? “A luxury hotel — do I look like the camping type? Five-star me, please and thank you.”

What she’s best known for at Signal: “Professionally, I’m always willing to help when people ask me questions. Personally, the black girl who changes her hair all of the time.”


Originally published January 01, 2018

Emma Martin

Emma Martin was formerly the Marketing Coordinator at Signal. She is an alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. Originally from Wisconsin, she has a love for cheese and the Packers!

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