Signalite Social Spotlight: Evan Eising

July 19, 2018

Identity connects us, so Signal uses its ongoing Signalite Social Spotlight to feature our incredible employees for who they really are. The more you learn about them, the more you’ll begin to recognize what makes our favorite individuals unique. Can you identify?

Evan Eising, Product Analyst. Also known as E or Ev (“I’m still relatively new, so I haven’t quite gotten to the nickname stage yet”). University of Wisconsin alum (“Go Badgers!”). Excellent trivia teammate due to his (partial) photographic memory.

Relationship status: “Single. If this results in a date, I’ll be impressed!” Hometown: Grew up in Buffalo, NY, but moved to Rochester, MN in middle school. Calls himself chill, relaxed and level-headed. Claims he’s not very skilled in the kitchen, but will go out for tacos and enchiladas anytime.

Hobbies: Watching sports (favorite professional team: Buffalo Bills), playing sports like beach volleyball, watching HBO shows like ‘Game of Thrones,’ browsing Twitter (“I’m mildly addicted… I get a lot of my news, jokes and memes from there”), spending time outdoors in the summer (“I have a really active friend group”), visiting breweries/going out drinking (“I blame it on Wisconsin”).

Dislikes: Poor pedestrian etiquette (including slow walkers and people that block the sidewalk), roommates leaving dirty dishes out all of the time, passive-aggressiveness (“Goes back to my Minnesota roots. My roommate used to put Post-It Notes everywhere”).

If a genie gave him three wishes, they would be:

  1. A yacht to go out on Lake Michigan. (“I need a friend with a boat.”)
  2. Free tickets to any sporting event, anytime.
  3. A private jet to quickly and easily travel to places.

His favorite part about working at Signal: “Everyone says the people… which is true. But the work is also interesting. You’re not doing the same thing every day.”

Emma Martin

Emma Martin was formerly the Marketing Coordinator at Signal. She is an alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. Originally from Wisconsin, she has a love for cheese and the Packers!

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