Signalite Social Spotlight: Beth Schmitz

August 07, 2018

Identity connects us, so Signal uses its ongoing Signalite Social Spotlight to feature our incredible employees for who they really are. The more you learn about them, the more you’ll begin to recognize what makes our favorite individuals unique. Can you identify?

Beth Schmitz. Accounting Manager. Majored in accounting, minored in math. Reads the last chapter of the book first (“The suspense kills me!”). Likes indie rock and classic rock music. Considers herself “Too straightforward.”

Age: 39. Relationship status: Married with two kids. Hometown: Indianapolis. Spontaneously moved to Chicago 15 years ago. Fun fact: as a first grader, sang “Proud to Be an American” in a commercial for The American Legion.

Hobbies: Recreation league softball, sailing on her family’s boat, knitting, sci-fi movies (favorites include ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Contact’) and summers in Chicago.

Dislikes: Whistling, eating sounds, the smell of Garrett popcorn on the streets, tourists on the sidewalks, people on their phones while driving (“like, I will attack you”).

Would she rather have more time or more money? “I’d rather have more money, so my family and I can enjoy nice things and destinations in our free time.”

Favorite snack in the Signal office: “Chocolate-covered almonds. They’re my nemesis.”

Emma Martin

Emma Martin is the Marketing Coordinator at Signal. She is an alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. Originally from Wisconsin, she has a love for cheese and the Packers!

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