Signalite Social Spotlight: Aubyn Scolnick

June 15, 2018

Identity connects us, so Signal continues its Signalite Social Spotlight to feature our incredible employees for who they really are. In a series of posts, you’ll begin to recognize what makes our favorite individuals unique. Can you identify?

Aubyn Scolnick, a.k.a. AB. Product Marketing Manager. Homebody. Can prepare things that start with the letter B — booze, barbeque and breakfast foods.

Age: 33. Hometown: Hawthorn Woods, IL. Relationship status: Engaged. Considers herself energetic (“I feel like every situation can be made better if you bring positive energy to it… it’s infectious, and will be reflected back”). Biggest hero: JJ Watt.

Interests: playing rec sports (volleyball, flag football and softball), running races (5k and 10k), singing in a wedding band called the Gold Coast All Stars (“Every weekend, I get to sing at an insane hotel or venue for a bunch of strangers just looking to have the best day of their lives” ), champagne, tapas, self-imposed food challenges (“I spend every dime on my stomach. It’s my personal mission to try every steakhouse and sushi place in the city.”)

Dislikes: Cleaning the bathroom (“It will stay disgusting forever”), but not much else: “I try to stay positive. Everyone is different and likes different stuff. I guess my only pet peeve is people who have a lot of pet peeves. Let it go. It’s just life.”

Would she rather live the rest of her life as a monk or followed continuously by paparazzi? “Paparazzi. That is such an easy choice — make me famous. That’s not even a question.”

Favorite part about working at Signal so far?: “THE PEOPLE. I feel like I’ve already made actual friends. Everyone has been so welcoming, and I feel very comfortable being myself.”

Emma Martin

Emma Martin was formerly the Marketing Coordinator at Signal. She is an alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. Originally from Wisconsin, she has a love for cheese and the Packers!

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