Signalite Social Spotlight: Andrew Violette

January 13, 2018

Identity connects us, so Signal uses its ongoing Signalite Social Spotlight to feature our incredible employees for who they really are. The more you learn about them, the more you’ll begin to recognize what makes our favorite individuals unique. Can you identify?

Andrew Violette, Development Manager. Prefers sour over salty or sweet. Makes homemade pickles and jam. Describes himself as “pretty OK.”

Age: 47. Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN. Completed undergrad at Indiana University and went to grad school at DePaul University. Thinks most people would describe him as “A little extreme sometimes, and slightly socially awkward.” Dad joke-teller extraordinaire. Reminds his kids of Randy Marsh from ‘South Park.’

Interests: Biking (“Last weekend, I rode 70 miles”); working out; reading mysteries, horror and teen-fiction books (“I read around 30 books a year”); spending time with his family; going on vacation (“I love chilling on the beach in Mexico, drinking a margarita… or five”).

Dislikes: Slow walkers; umbrellas; rolling briefcases; fast-walking cigarette smokers (“I’m realizing most of these [dislikes] have to do with my commute”); caulking the bathroom.

Would he rather have to get up at dawn every day or stay up to 3:00 am? “I’d definitely get up at dawn. I’m a morning person I usually wake up around 4:00 am every morning.”

His favorite part about working at Signal: “We always have a lot of fun projects to finish and everyone is always learning and willing to help you along the way.”

Emma Martin

Emma Martin is the Marketing Coordinator at Signal. She is an alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. Originally from Wisconsin, she has a love for cheese and the Packers!

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