Signal in Australia: Connecting Consumer Behaviours Across Online and Offline Worlds

May 19, 2015

Right on the heels of our two successful events in Sydney and Melbourne last week, the Signal team heads back to Melbourne today to participate in RetailTECH X, an event which brings together leading technology innovators and retail leaders to explore the opportunities that emerging technologies offer the retail industry.

We will be attending the event with our newest regional partner iProximity to announce the details of our partnership and to showcase how, using Signal’s Fuse platform and iProximity’s beacon technology, retailers can gain valuable insights into a customer’s online and offline behaviours to drive engagement, conversions, and loyalty and efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Beacons, which automatically trigger a display of contextual information when detected by a Bluetooth-powered app on a consumer’s smart device, are being deployed by an increasing number of Australian retailers, with some household names like one of Australia’s largest banks (the Commonwealth Bank) already using them and others in the process of testing and trialing.

By combining Signal’s Fuse platform and iProximity technology together, Australian marketers will be able to:

  • Detect a customer in-store and personalise mobile app content based on the product(s) a customer has recently viewed on the website.
  • Automatically deliver SMS promotions tailored to a customer’s known product affinity or purchase history when detected in-store.
  • Instantly inform a retail floor sales agent when a high-value customer or qualified lead has entered the store.
  • Understand how digital media efforts and owned digital assets are influencing in-store consumer behaviour.

Our partnership with iProximity is an exciting milestone for Signal as it will deepen our capabilities to connect customer data from offline and online channels, and provide tangible and actionable insights to retailers so they can improve and personalise marketing campaigns. Retailers will be able to better understand how digital media efforts influence in-store consumer behaviour and vice versa.

As in most global markets, traditional retailing in Australia is changing and will need to continue to innovate in order to retain relevancy and foot-fall. Digital innovations wield the power to transform and invigorate the traditional retail experience, and RetailTECH X promises to be the perfect environment to both showcase our own technology and keep pace with our peers and competitors’ own activity in this fast-moving sector.

Warren Billington

Warren is the former Managing Director for Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

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