Signal in Australia: Scaling Customer Identity through Collaboration

May 12, 2015

This week in Australia, Signal is joining two great events in the Beta and Beyond series: one in Melbourne, and one in Sydney. The events’ focus will be “Solving the Identity Puzzle: Unlocking the Value of Your Customer Data,” and we’re excited to talk about these major issues facing marketers.

Few disciplines have more potential to transform marketing than understanding customer identity. New technologies and industry collaboration are bringing accuracy, control, and scale so marketers can engage with customers wherever they are.

Marketers frustrated by the limitations of third-party data and walled gardens are learning to leverage the value of first-party and second-party customer engagement data to drive big value. Connecting and activating this data will help marketers finally fill the audience gap, eliminating the blind spots in their data strategy.

Collaboration, cooperation, control, and accuracy are top of mind for marketers who seek to drive one-to-one personalization at scale. Building customer identification at scale will require collaboration will between brands, agencies, and publishers. By optimizing customer identity, there will be many opportunities for brands to monetize data and drive stronger customer engagement by connecting the cross-channel data signals.

And with greater use of first- and second-party data, marketers can create stronger, persistent “always on” enriched user profiles. These profiles allow marketers to segment and target customers with greater accuracy and certainty than ever before.

We’ll be discussing these topics in depth at the Beta and Beyond events. Sessions and themes include:

  • How global brands are driving value in customer engagement and acquisition through collaboration and partnerships.
  • The value of independent networks for sharing first-party consumer engagement data to create better customer experiences.
  • Marketers and technologists on balancing the drive to scale up customer data usage with the mandate for data governance, ownership, and quality.

These events will bring global and local marketers together with Signal leaders to discuss the innovations that are driving value creation in marketing today. Signal will offer a peek at some exciting new technologies that are helping brands connect online and offline data, generate customer insights, and activate audiences to deliver 1:1 customer experiences.

It’s a great time to be a marketer, and it’s even better when you can connect your customer engagement data across all your channels. Signal is proud to be a part of the great marketing technology innovation happening in Australia every day—and in helping marketing leaders in Australia connect with each other over big ideas.

Warren Billington

Warren is the former Managing Director for Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

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