Signal Celebrates Shark Week

May 20, 2014

At Signal, Shark Week is an internal gathering of the minds dedicated to innovating new ways to advance the performance of our technology and operations. After all, we’re fanatics about providing our customers with a great user experience.

In the words of Signal CTO Eric Lunt, “Shark Week is a time where our team focuses exclusively on system performance. While performance and availability are always top of mind for us, having a week to squeeze out even more efficiency in our system often produces surprising, amazing results.”

During the fifth installment of our biannual event, which wrapped up recently, Signal team members are hunkered down to brainstorm, collaborate, set goals, test and execute. Having fun is a key part of Shark Week, and Signal supplied delectable food and drink from local Chicago eateries to keep people well fed and our creative juices flowing.

Teams delivered an impressive 25 projects over the course of the five days. We’ve got some exciting new updates cooking that will help make clients’ lives even easier when it comes to launching and managing successful cross-channel marketing campaigns.

“Signal team members can work on anything they want during Shark Week, as long as their projects tie back to the goal of improving the efficiency of some aspect of our company or solutions,” Eric said. “It’s a grand bazaar, and no one can assign anyone to anything. It’s all driven by self-selection.”

The culmination of Shark Week is always the live demonstration where our brilliant innovators unveil their creations to the rest of the office in a show-and-tell session.

Demo Day is Eric’s favorite part of the event. “After everyone has worked on their projects all week, on Friday afternoon our whole company grabs drinks and demos their stuff. It’s fast-paced because there are so many demos to get through. But it’s so much fun to tally up all the improvements and cool projects people have worked on.”

Thanks to everyone’s Shark Week dedication, the stage is set for Signal’s global technology platform and internal infrastructure to perform (and scale) better and faster than ever before. This includes both the tools clients know and use each day via the Signal interface as well as the behind-the-scenes workings that make all the magic happen.

Eric added, “There was a lot of effort to improve the experience of the people who use our solutions – the marketers who rely on our products day in and day out. Being able to shave off time as they navigate our toolset ends up making an impact on their productivity and general happiness with our tools. I loved seeing these kinds of projects during Shark Week!”

Congrats on your accomplishments, Signal team members!

Carol Jouzaitis

Carol Jouzaitis was previously VP, Analyst Relations at Signal.

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