Identity and the Single View: What We’ll Be Talking about at eTail West

February 18, 2015

Last week Signal announced the Unified Customer View, a groundbreaking solution that helps marketers bring together everything they know about their customers. I’ll be moderating the Omnichannel forum at eTail West this afternoon in Palm Springs, as well as hosting a fireside chat with Nieman Marcus, and I’d like to look at one of the key issues that will be on everyone’s mind.

Digital advertising and marketing technology have an identity problem. One of the biggest issues plaguing the industry is that brands are unable to unify their customer data across channels and devices. So, what we really have is a cross-channel identity problem, with brands using an average of 12 different toolsets to keep in touch with customers.

For marketers and retailers, it isn’t just the fragmented technologies and data silos that create identity problems. The other factor is the rise of the “walled garden” approach. Retailers’ loss of control over identity to their biggest marketing partners represents at best a conflict of interest, and at worst a permanent state of disintermediation of the brand by vendors who control data, inventory and technology.

Our clients are concerned with these same issues. “The ability to view the customer through a single lens enables critical measurement, optimization, efficiency and personalized use cases,” said Jason Niemi, Associate Director of Digital Engagements and Ecommerce at Kraft. “Signal Fuse is helping empower us to understand the panoramic customer journey.”

At Signal, we’re excited to be working with brands and retailers like Kraft, Nordstrom, Gap, and their agency partners to solve this identity issue, and by extension solve the challenges of marketing to the cross-channel consumer.

Consumer behavior will always drive marketing to incorporate new technologies and new channels, and evolve how marketers try to communicate and be relevant. Signal is dedicated to providing the right foundational platform to create a single view of the customer. By doing so, we ensure that marketers can create an always-on solution that allows for the right message, in the right channel, to the right person—while putting marketers in control of their data and unified profiles.

Will you be at eTail West? Find Signal at Booth 806, and we can tell you more about our Unified Customer View solution. The discussion with Nieman Marcus is at 12:45 p.m. Pacific on Wednesday, February 18.

Photo by EJ Guren.

Jonathan Ricard was formerly the Head of North American Sales at Signal.

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