Argyle’s 2015 Leadership in Digital Marketing

  • October 6, 2015
  • New York, NY

We’re thrilled to join forces once again with Argyle at the upcoming Leadership in Digital Marketing forum in New York City.  This executive-only forum will include discussion and debate around the ways in which the digital age has fundamentally changed how the customer functions on a day to day basis and thus has also revolutionized the field of marketing. Don’t miss Kathy Menis, SVP Marketing at Signal, discussing the value of a clear view of the customer.

Panel Discussion: The Value of a Clear View

  • Where are you in your ability to gain a single view of a customer?  Have you experimented with using big data analytics to obtain real-time customer behavioral insights to execute “next best action” marketing?
    • Has there been any other innovative use of analytics to support marketing in your organization?
  • Encouraging action through use of emotion in digital channels
  • Seizing opportunities to enhance retention and build stronger relationships
  • Best practices for taking control of your data to get a handle on digital identity
  • How are marketers leveraging this customer information to create personalized interactions that drive revenue?
    • Leveraging data to better tailor every interaction with each customer
    • Best practices in creating complementary touch points and how to track and integrate these across channels