3 Reasons Marketers Need a Customer Identity Solution

Apr. 4, 2017

How important are your relationships with your customers? Are you mainly concerned about driving awareness through mass reach, or do you want to build deeper relationships with your customers by giving them more personalized experiences?

If you want to get down to one-to-one relationships, customer identity must come first every time.

Find Out How to Create a Persistent Customer View

You can likely cite plenty of reasons why you want to engage with your customers and give them better experiences. Here are our top three.

3 Reasons Customer Identity Has to Come First

1. Consumers don’t want to be treated all the same. Today’s always-on customers want to feel recognized and understood as individuals. They expect brands to use their customer data to provide experiences that are tailored, relevant and convenient. Generic messages and robotic conversations don’t cut it anymore.

2. Brands need to drive strategic growth. Customer relationships are one of a brand’s most valuable and unique assets. Brands that are able to build strong customer relationships have a powerful strategic weapon they can wield in the most competitive marketplace.

3. Marketers need to drive business results. Brands that have embraced customer identity are driving business transformation and reaping the benefits as measured by three key metrics: average revenue per customer, net promoter score and customer lifetime value. CMOs who work with Signal are building a platform for strategic growth, for long-term customer relationships and customer lifetime value — a competitive weapon they can use now and well into the future.