Signal Cross-Channel Marketing and Technology Survey

Overcoming Barriers to Cross-Channel Success:
Optimizing the Marketing Technology Stack

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Marketing technology is abundant and more advanced than ever before. But marketers have yet to create the kind of one-on-one experiences customers expect as they move between devices and channels. More than 1 in 2 marketers say their tools aren’t helping them achieve the type of cross-channel coordination they need to have relevant, cohesive interactions with customers, according to a global survey by Signal.

Making sense of the Marketing Technology Stack

Today marketers can choose from thousands of platforms and tools for everything from email to search, to display ads to mobile to social media. With the growing complexity of customer interactions, marketers are seeking to optimize their tools and prove a return on these investments.

  • 9 in 10
    marketers agree that connecting their tools would improve customer engagement
  • 63%
    say their tools are underutilized
  • 4%
    believe their technology capabilities prepare them for cross-channel success

Marketing technology is advancing at lightning speed.

Mike Sands, CEO, Signal
Map of the world

Survey respondents included 281 marketers spanning 16 vertical industries in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

In planning their next technology investments, marketers are seeking ways of improving the entire customer experience across touchpoints and channels.

Few marketing organizations have aligned their infrastructures with their strategies for connecting with multi-screening customers.

Optimizing marketing technologies requires a road map for moving data across the technology stack as quickly as customers are moving between smartphones, tablets, laptops, stores and call centers.

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Graph showing increased technology spending
have steadily or significantly increased technology spending in the last three years — and a significant portion are constantly evaluating new tools.
Chart showing 1 of every 2
don’t feel that their technology stacks help them achieve cross-channel marketing coordination.
Illustration showing loosely integrated technologies
say that only some of their marketing technologies are loosely integrated — or not at all

It's clear that marketers need a new approach to create the level of engagement today's consumers expect, and meeting that goal requires a clear roadmap for making their data and technologies work better together.

Joe Stanhope, SVP Marketing, Signal

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