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Building Consumer Brand Infatuation

Customer satisfaction is the bedrock of brand success, and companies like Amazon and Marriott are masters in the art and science of creating innovative, immersive customer experiences that span across channels and touchpoints. Brands that follow their lead and deliver…

The CMO Solution Guide: Why Customer Identity Matters for Great Customer Experiences

Survey of leading CMOs unlocks the key to retaining customers and reducing churn in 2017.

How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2017

In 2017, marketers will be hit with the full force of technology disruption. See all 8 of Signal’s 2017 predictions and recommendations in this report.
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4 Fatal Flaws in Traditional Approaches to Customer Identity Resolution

When a brand wants to target its existing customers with digital ads, its customer email list must first be matched to ad-targeting IDs (cookies, devices IDs) through a process known as identity resolution. But marketers beware: some approaches are irrevocably…

Creating a True Single View

In the race to win today’s fickle, device-centric customers with the type of immediate 1:1 experiences they’ve come to expect, brands must be able to unify all of their data into a centralised, durable profile that can be used for…

Mastering Today’s Cross-Device Customer

Your customer’s path to purchase is a winding road across multiple devices.  If you can’t follow her path, how can you reach  her when and where it counts? In today’s multi-screen world, 80% of consumers bounce between devices and 40%…
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What’s Your Data Collection Strategy?

Free Download If you could collect every piece of data on customer interactions, would you? If you answered “Yes,” we need to talk. Because when it comes to customer data, more doesn’t always mean better. In fact, you could be…

Think Outside the Inbox and Beyond Rewards

Consumers want more than transactional rewards; they want rewarding experiences. Marketers need to expand their strategies beyond traditional programmes and focus on creating seamless, personal interactions at critical moments throughout the entire customer relationship.  

8 Ways to Accelerate Your Digital Marketing in 2017

What are the new requirements for creating memorable, end-to-end experiences that foster loyalty, enhance consumer lives and bring customers back again and again? Read on to find out Signal’s top tips for this year.
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What It Takes to Be a Favorite Travel Brand

We know there’s a high correlation between a brand’s customer experience score and its sales. But what, exactly, do market-leading travel brands like Expedia and Marriott do differently than their competitors to win the position of “favourite” in customers’ hearts?…

What It Takes to Be a Favorite Retail Brand

We know there’s a high correlation between a brand’s customer experience score and its sales. But what, exactly, do leading retailers like Amazon and Target do differently than their competitors to win the position of “favourite” in their customers’ hearts?…

CMO Survey: Why Customer Identity Matters for Great Customer Experiences

A 2017 survey of CMOs reveals striking dichotomies in marketing priorities, budget allocation, technology capabilities and satisfaction with results from customer-centric marketing. Marketers are not satisfied with their brand’s performance on metrics like customer retention rate and lifetime value —…
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Webinar: How (Real) Relevance Can Save Digital Advertising

When advertisers can deliver an ad targeted to a customer’s needs at the right time and in the right way, 49 percent of Americans will give you their attention, according to a recent survey by VentureBeat. With the growing use of…

Webinar: Master Cross-Channel Customer Recognition

Learn how to more effectively recognise your customers and improve your cross-device targeting, personalisation and measurement. Forrester Analyst Richard Joyce and Signal VP of Solutions Todd Schoenherr will discuss what you need to know and how to start building your…

Webinar: Turn on Custom Audiences, Ramp Up CPMs

How can publishers help advertising partners reach real people who are in-market for their products? Learn the latest research on the state of the digital advertising ecosystem for publishers. Our speakers, Stefan Tornquist, VP of Research at Econsultancy and Kathy…
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Case Studies

Signal’s Platform Powers Yahoo! Japan’s Next-Gen DMP

Yahoo! Japan, a top global web portal and leading digital publisher, realized the enormous opportunity in sharing its consumer data with advertisers. Signal helped it create a next-generation data management platform that’s not a walled garden.

Rue La La Builds Strategic Cross-Channel Data Capabilities with Signal

Rue La La, one of the Internet Retailer’s Hot E-Retailers of 2014, sought an efficient way of targeting dormant customers with relevant display ads. Rue La La chose Signal to connect customer data in real-time across vendors and achieve success…
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Product Sheets

Continuously Connect with Your Customers

Retain customers and drive loyalty by supercharging your first-party data to deliver relevant and timely customer experiences. You remain in control of your customer profiles and have the freedom to choose how and where to engage with your customers.

Customize “in-market” audiences and drive higher CPMs

Download our product overview and learn how publishers can use Signal to target a customer list, target website or app visitors, and extend their audience reach through trusted cooperative identification.

Pioneer a Superior People-Based Targeting Option

Solving real-time people-based marketing requires a disruptive marketing technology and a new cooperative identification model. To future proof your data, you need a technology partner committed to helping you accelerate your journey from unknown to known audience targeting. Signal is the only…
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