Identity Makes the Journey Visible

Get complete insights from a unified customer view.

Siloed and disjointed data only gives you pieces of your customer relationship, leading to inaccurate insights and inconsistent measurement. Signal integrates your data seamlessly with your partners for a unified view of your customers. We streamline multi-touchpoint data collection and distribution to improve attribution and measurement.

In three simple steps and in a matter of hours, our consultative team takes you from concept to identity activation. We help you build a solution based on your objectives, partner integrations, and measurement platforms, such as:

  • Amazon s3
  • FTP
  • SFTP

1. Identify Your Insights Requirements

We’ll design a customer identity graph that goes beyond traditional insights.

2. Activate Your Identity Graph

Sync your online and offline customer data to create robust profiles for segmentation.

3. Connect with Your Preferred Analytic Endpoints

Synchronize your always active customer profiles to the analytic partners of your choice.

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