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Can you identify?

Brands can only identify a fraction of their customers—typically fewer than 2 out of every 100. Good business starts with knowing your audience: 2% doesn’t cut it. Great business happens when you can recognize and make personal connections with your customers at scale.

Bring identity into focus.

Find your customer in the crowd. Signal helps you see and act — in the moment. As data silos, multi-stage purchase journeys and ever-higher expectations lend complexity to the overall equation, Signal’s Customer Identity Platform solves for the modern customer.

Look, listen and learn.

Signal is the only enterprise-wide solution that integrates disparate data to create profiles that evolve as fast as customer preferences. Our platform is renowned for its 50-millisecond response time, processing customer signals 50 billion times a day.

Marketing isn't a guessing game.

Power persistent customer recognition to maximize value, reduce costs, simplify the handling of customer data and eliminate wasted media spend. Because who doesn’t want 10–20x higher returns?

Identity is yours. Use it.

We build on what you already own, harnessing your proprietary customer data to connect with customers. And when you focus on what matters, you move quicker — at the pace of your customers, and at the speed of life.

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Buyer's Guide to Data Onboarding: What every marketer needs to know. Download here.

Unleash the full power of your customer data.

Continuous onboarding with Signal’s Customer Identity Platform allows marketers to power real-time media activation, on-site identity resolution and closed-loop measurement through one turnkey solution.

Improve marketing performance — and your bottom line.

The only pure-play customer identity solution in the marketplace, Signal continuously onboards customer data to reconcile disparate data sets and deliver 1:1 addressability, 360-degree customer views and person-level insights — all of which drive better business outcomes.


“Signal is one of the pillars of our first-party data asset. Using Signal’s unique ID, we will be able to tie together multiple different unique IDs in our analytic system across devices and browsers using authentication events based in the Signal platform.”

Ben Hemphill

Crocs, Director Of Digital Marketing And Analytics

“We hired Signal to enhance our data collection but quickly learned that it gives us an advanced tool for strategically optimizing our marketing spend and  Increasing ROI.”

Eric Hergenrader

SurveyMonkey, Senior Data Analyst

“Sky Bet is on a mission to deliver our customers the
most relevant, personalised experiences.
Signal helps us capture live insights on customer
preferences and activate against these in real-time
across devices we couldn’t before.”

Andy Walton

Sky Betting & Gaming,

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