Live Activation

Expand your ability to find consumers across their various devices, achieving the kind of scale previously restricted only to the largest retailers and publishers.

Live Activation

Customer relevancy through real-time activation

Synchronize real-time customer-profile data with leading media targeting and personalization platforms for increased reach and relevancy.

Key Features

Server-Direct Integration

Seamlessly connect your rich data assets to the leading media targeting and personalization platforms with our server-to-server integrations

Addressability at Scale

Increase the reach of your first-party data by matching to our Audience Trust and other partner matching networks

Unprecedented Ownership and Control

Strictly manage rules for which data is shared and to whom to maintain necessary data privacy and security

What our partners are saying

Yahoo! JAPAN has partnered with Signal to create the most comprehensive solution ever launched in Japan for unlocking the coveted unified view of the customer on an always-on basis. This strategic partnership enables Yahoo! JAPAN to deliver true people-based marketing at scale that only Google and Facebook have achieved.
Toru Takata, SVP and Chief Product Officer, Yahoo! JAPAN


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Signal’s Platform Powers Yahoo! Japan’s Next-Gen DMP

Yahoo! Japan, a top global web portal and leading digital publisher, realized the enormous opportunity in sharing its consumer data with advertisers. Signal helped it create a next-generation data management platform that’s not a walled garden.

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