Data Distribution

You interact with your consumer across devices and channels. Developing stronger customer engagement starts with assembling customer-centric insights and seamlessly connecting data across all touchpoints.

Data Distribution

Insights centered on a single-view of your customer

Fuel your marketing insights with the data that matters most to your brand.  Signal Datafeed unifies and distributes profile-level data for cross-channel attribution and closed-loop measurement.

Key Features

Fuel Person-based Insights

Merge customer engagement data into a single, normalized feed, connecting fragmented customer data around a universal identifier

Standardize Data Assets

Standardize data capture and distribution from all channels and devices with our easy workflows

Distribute in Real Time

Send data in real time, or on a scheduled basis to your preferred analytics and data warehouses platforms to meet your analytics objectives

What our partners are saying

Signal enables JetBlue to receive customer insights with such speed and flexibility that we have significantly improved visibility into the performance of our digital marketing.
Greg Stiller, Director of Marketing Analytics and CRM, JetBlue


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