Universal Profile for Measurement

A better data set for better insights

Our people-based marketing platform provides a stabilized, centralized customer view.

As consumers engage with your company across channels and devices, they create multiple, anonymous identities within each platform. This leaves you with a fragmented view of the complete interaction you have with your customers. This collection of partial views leads to inaccurate insights, inconsistent measurement, and devalues the power of your data to transform your business.

Signal merges customer engagement data across your marketing technology stack into a centralized person-based view, providing a stabilized asset for marketing attribution and closed-loop measurement.

Getting started is simple and fast. Here’s how:

  • Lay the groundwork for a customer-centric view with data collection across your digital touchpoints including websites, mobile application and ad campaigns.
  • Unify data around cross-channel customer profiles by ingesting first party data.
  • Leverage real-time datafeeds to send profile data to your preferred measurement platforms.

Customer Data Platform for Measurement

The Signal Platform


Signal’s Platform Powers Yahoo! Japan’s Next-Gen DMP

Yahoo! Japan, a top global web portal and leading digital publisher, realized the enormous opportunity in sharing its consumer data with advertisers. Signal helped it create a next-generation data management platform that’s not a walled garden.

A New People-Based Approach to Addressable Media

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