Addressable Marketing

Real time. Always on. Expanded reach.

Our people-based marketing platform provides the foundation for improving the performance of your addressable media

Effective marketing is about delivering the right message at the right time. Everything from managing your ad spend to targeting and personalization depends on recognizing your customers when they are in market for your products and services. But today’s tech savvy consumers are elusive. A single customer can look like several people as they move between devices and channels.

Signal’s server-based technology eschews browser-, cookie- or device-dependent recognition to find your customers across devices and channels and power your addressable media. We collect, connect and activate your first-party data and amplify your reach in real time, so you can respond to consumers based on where they are in their buying journey.

Getting started is simple and fast. Here’s how:

  • Gain immediate performance improvements by activating your data against your first party ID graph today.
  • Build custom addressable audiences that activate within minutes to follow the pace of the consumer.
  • Target with the precision of email across all channels and devices.
  • Expand your reach with our platform’s deterministic matching capabilities.
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Customer Data Platform for Addressable Marketing

The Signal Platform